Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Professor Not

Paul had been walking for a  day, living out of his back pack, waiting to see where his freedom would lead him. He had passed the Town of Sorrows, and was making way for the mountains when he heard this.

"Paul Paul! I've been looking for you, did you feel my mind, Paul? Something big is going down, really big! It's God! Zarathustra, and Ni Tzu, their whole crew were wrong about the Great Spirit. He didn't die. Well, sure he was dying, but Paul, they are bringing him back! They raised him, the whole world, the industrialism, the technology, is all just a giant life support system. The whole economy! God is dead, but long live Mecha God, Robo God, and the Godbot, our new trinity!"

It was Professor Not, Paul's initiator into the Zarathustra's Children. He was near madness, as was, admittedly a danger to those who choose to attempt the Third Transformation. The vast majority of initiates stop at the first Transformation, the Camel. Very few even find access to the second, the Lion. Professor Not's sanity was risking itself for an end that was still only a faith, the Superhero.

Paul asked "Is that why you didn't call or message me?"

"YES! I had to use my mind to reach you, through the subtlest threads. God was once Spirit, but the habit of faith could not die when mass opinion turned against Spirit. The Faith reformed, it took possession of what was available, what people could believe in. Miracles, Paul! Faith, this Faith, it loves miracles, and look, Technology is a perverse zoo of miracles. Human Flight, Voices and Vision over a Distance. What does it matter that the miracle workers use patterns in Nature to affect their work?

"Is God, then... the Technology, or Still a Spirit?"

"God is the name I give, for the place that our highest hope is hung on. Once it was the cross, but that was long ago. Now it is what ever party tricks the technomancers can best dazzle people with. The believe in it. And as people look for solace in this world more and more, and Technology transforms only the material realm, so the ignorant. They thing that 'this world' is the material world. As if thinking and feeling and imagining and all this real, meaningful, and important stuff were otherworldly. Truly, even some of the Superheros have been duped! I was duped, oh for years I was duped. I thought that Technology... I though it was there to save me... but it was a fraud Paul."

"Was it your Dragon?"

"Ha! Yes, you know, you clever Camel, the symptoms I have? Technology would be the Salvation, it would demonstrate the errors of all superstitions. It would make the world thinkable! It would bring forth a greater, and amoral humanity. I thought we would invent a Superhero, if we couldn't breed one, be one. By using technology. By applying our mind to these problems were were progressing getting closer. But it was a trick, we were Tricked."

"Who were we trick by Professor?"

"The Source. The one who feeds the Technology. It isn't really a human, wholly human achievement. True we are clever, and maybe some day we will expand out senses and our thought greatly. But this sudden burst, its not of a human source, nor other worldly ones. It is underworldly."

At this point Professor Not's voice changed and accelerated, as though he were possessed by a thought not his own. "Name is Dr. Faustus, and I'm a Geologist, Bringing the mineral spirits to power all this. Underworld flame which can claim to make the material world tame. Black death mass grave from a distant age its powers I raise to rage against this Earthly cage. Its fate a force so great can't forever lay instate, before is instigates some ingrates to unlock the gates that bind it. It acts a slave to those who find it, giving what they crave if they only mind it. Once you start you can't quit, or get enough for a fix. You can't get out, lost with out a map and clutching the trap, could let go, but you only think of the new found need to feed the greed. Burnt creature, airs warming, can't get out too late for warning trying to escape the flame dragging along the claim...." his voice trailed off, and he gaze was lost in the distance.

Snapping back to reality "Paul! This isn't just about me, getting through the Third inatiation, I have to fight this demon in God's boots; or God in a demons possession. Over come it, so how counter spell this magic, of life imprisoned for millions of years, and its material energies desire to follow it's bliss. But the fuel, it is only the trigger, it is the Worship of Machines, and the Faith in Technology which are the scales I must peel back to slay this dragon."

Paul was speechless, but he was noticing a hint of sanity coming over Professor Not. 

"Come on Paul, let's go to the Ass Festival, it starts in a couple weeks."

"Shall we avoid the machines to get their, or shall we use this God's powers to spite him?" Asked Paul

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