Monday, April 29, 2013

My April 28th report to The Environmental Ministry Team

I have been investigation the local sustainable food movement and experimenting with a garden plot on the Haas' families land. In the next few days I will start planting a 100 square foot garden bed using seeds, starts, and tools gifted from farms and friends I have recently worked with. Working with Rob Haas we are going to put in more beds. Right now 50 cubic feet of compost is heating up on there property. I hope to scale that up with any plant matter that can be collected to build a cache of compost ready at hand for any future gardening opportunity  that may come. Both Plymouth and the local sustainability project 'Citizen Planners' have offered to help provide vegetable scraps for developing the compost; and give guidance in the garden.

Everyone, through the Environmental Ministry Team or otherwise, is invited to help. There is room enough to expand the garden as much as can be justified by the combination of committed helpers, gifted supplies, and personal experience. I have also been working with 'The Growing Project,' a group of passionate farmers growing organic food for Fort Collins, they are doing good work and are looking for volunteers, or other forms of support. 'The Growing Project' also covers the 'Mentor the Garden Mentor' program which gives monthly training on local gardening practices.

These projects and others unlisted for now have been supported directly or indirectly by Tara of Raindrop Retreat; John, James, Jeff, David D., David C., Brightheart, and Matt my close friends; Erica and Kasey of Citizens Planners; Helpful comments by posters on the AODA forums; the UNA of Fort Collins; Kari Grady Grossman of Sustainable Schools International; many members of Plymouth UCC, including but not limited to Mark Lee, John Fitch, John Henry Peck, Gary Olson, Claudia and Bill, Fran and Irene, but especially Sheryl and Rob Haas. Thank you all!

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